Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle Payment & Billing?

Every client’s situation is different so we attempt to customize a payment arrangement to fit your needs.

After your initial consultation with us, you may be quoted an hourly rate and may ask that you pay a replenishable retainer fee to be deposited with our firm. For cases where we quote an hourly rate and require a replenishable retainer fee, payment of the retainer amount is due prior to us providing professional services on your behalf. Itemized billing invoices are issued every month and will be billed against your replenishable retainer.

In certain circumstances, we may quote you a flat fee price which is due prior to us providing professional services on your behalf.

We may also take your case on a contingency fee basis which means that we will receive a percent fee of any amounts recovered by way of settlement or litigation. If there is no recovery, no fee will be charged to you.

We accept the following forms of payment: credit card, cash, check, and money order.

What services are offered at the Russellville, Arkansas office?

Our firm has second location in Russellville, Arkansas for the convenience of our clients. The services offered at our Russellville location are limited to corporate law, tax law, real estate law, probate administration, estate planning and business succession planning.

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