Administrative Law

Administrative law dictates the rights and regulations of governmental agencies, comprising a complex legal arena that demands highly specialized counsel. At Hope, O’Dwyer, Wilson & Arnold, P.A., we have an in-depth knowledge of the laws surrounding the creation, operation, and powers of these agencies on both a state and Federal level. Specifically, we work to ensure that they function in such a way that best meets the best interests of the public, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and other legislation.

In addition to representing private parties in administrative proceedings before governmental agencies, we also handle judicial appeals from administrative decisions and take action against governmental agencies for injunctions or declaratory judgments. One of the partners of our firm, Kevin O’Dwyer, gained extensive understanding of the administrative law process through his long-time service as counsel for the Arkansas State Medical Board, Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners, and Arkansas State Board of Optometry.

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