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We routinely assist our clients in Probate Administration and settling Estates. Our firm represents individuals in probate litigation cases concerning controversies arising from a testator’s lack of capacity when executing the will, undue influence over the testator, breach of fiduciary duty, and manipulation of the elderly. From our experience, we have discovered that many probate disputes are the result of a particular individual taking advantage of the Decedent, while the Decedent was in declining health or suffering from memory loss, and that individual included himself or herself into the Decedent’s will to the detriment of the rightful heirs.

Our firm is experienced with these cases, and we know how to investigate such matters in order to determine the actual intent of the Decedent. The Personal Representatives have a fiduciary duty to act in accord with the desires of the Testator. Our firm is competent in investigating and challenging any fraud or negligence by the Personal Representative, and we will ensure that he or she does not breach their fiduciary duty to the Estate.

Our attorneys have well-rounded expertise in all areas of probate and estate administration, including:

  • Representation of heirs, beneficiaries, and fiduciaries
  • Probate litigation involving will contests, administration of trusts, and estate claims

Estate Planning

Regardless of your age, assets, or living situation, a solid estate plan is essential to safeguarding your family’s best interests. At Hope, O’Dwyer, Wilson & Arnold, P.A., we offer comprehensive probate administration and estate planning services. Our experienced probate attorneys will help you determine your net worth, identify your long-term financial goals, and develop an asset distribution plan that meets your needs.

In addition to protecting your property and liquid wealth, our estate planning services help to minimize taxes, increasing the lifetime value of your assets. No-one wants to think about their own death or the passing of a loved one, but prudent planning is the only way to ensure your family’s long-term security and vitality. We also understand that an estate plan is an evolving entity—as your life situation changes, we’ll work with you to adjust your wills, trusts, and other probate documents.

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